Seventeen Cute Nails Designs Every Lady Wants to Copy

We all love cute nails designs as much as the girl next door, but their admirability feature reminds us of two main things: our patience and talent. These are two factors that play a significant role in the ultimate results we get.

Human beings are admittedly lazy and will not like to spend the whole day understanding the nail art. Occasioned by this ardent nature of human being, we have collected the cutest nails design ideas that you will fall in love with.


  1. Geometric Nail Art

Geometry is not taught in schools for anything. This green and copper combination showcases a pretty patina vibe.

  1. Black and White Nails

These white and dark nails appear like a tattoo we will all go for. Are you ready to make your wish come true?

  1. Shattered Glass Nails

We are always very keen not to shatter any of our nails, but when it comes to this nail art, we make an exception.


  1. Water Marble Nail Design

Ever imagined that your kitchen counter could have such an inspirational nail design? You will madly love these cute marble nail ideas.

  1. Feather Nail Design

The feather nails meet punk rock here. It is an exceptionally badass nail style that works for everyone.

  1. Peacock Nails

The best way to reveal your mani is trying this beautiful jewel-toned plumage on peacock-inspired nail art.


  1. Galaxy Nails

We cannot keep of our eyes from Milky Way nails. The entire world is engraved in her hands or rather her nail tips.

  1. Negative Space Nail Art

This brings a total contrast of quantity-less becomes more. It utilises glitter polish as a base coat for its design.

  1. Tropical Nails

Match these tropical nails with a margarita and get that gorgeous look for any occasion.

  1. Blue Dot Nails

This geometric-inspired nail design is effortless as it is sophisticated.


  1. Newspaper Nail Art

These stunning newsprint nails are for the paper nerds amongst us. You will always have conversation topics-you have all the trending topics on your nails-literally.

  1. Half Moon Nails

This mimicking nail style includes a fine white arch to the grey base coat for a design that is trendy.

  1. Flower Nail Art

Floral cute nails designs shouldn’t be the only thing in your closet- they also need to be integral elements in your repertoire.


  1. Monochromatic Leopard Nails

Change your nails repertoire with this ultra-fun black on the black leopard nails. This shows without a doubt an animal print may sometimes be understated.

  1. Black Matte Nails

This chrome and black matte nail design are a subtle show of black nail dress; it is simple and romantic.

  1. Smoky Nails

 You have your smoky eyes down. What about trying a smoky nail design?

  1. Rainbow Nails

Do you want more than one colour for your cute nails design? Consider this art-inspired look.