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This Self Language Of Anti-Aging

I had a lengthy breakfast with a friend yesterday, we are both 60 and both very engaged in martial arts, he has had a hip replacement and I’ve had both knees reconstructed. As we stood up to leave we both groaned, he from back pain and me trying to enthuse my knees.

I joked about feeling stiff and sore after a long bingo session at the retirement village. Sure for us it’s a joke because we are both very fit and active in spite of past injuries but it is important to be careful how we speak about our age, out capacity and our health.

I know people my age who are old physically and mentally. The move, act and think like an elderly person.

I also know elderly people who have more energy than many 40 year olds. The difference is largely in their thinking.

When people are faced with challenges it is common for them to focus on what they can’t do and they forget what they can do. A lady I spoke to recently, who is just a little older than me, told me that she doesn’t get out much, that she has a lot of pain, that she smokes heavily for the pain and that she was good at keeping appointments.

Nowhere in her conversation did she discuss what she could do. It took some doing to have her think that smoking was making things worse, and that if she quit she would be so much better off. But a big problem was that she was thinking like she was at the end of her days, and not a 63 year old with some problems, most of which could be solved if she decided to take action.

How often do you here “I’m too old for that” or “I’m not as young as I used to be” or it’s all right for you young people”

I’m not saying that aging is a barrel of laughs, but we are all doing it. It’s just a matter of how we do it. How we think, how we speak, the people we spend time with, how active we choose to be, what we choose to eat or not eat. Sure aging is in our cells but it is also in our minds.

I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve been told that “I don’t have time to exercise” or “it hurts to exercise” We all have time for the things we decide are important, and don’t do the things that hurt you, find things that don’t hurt and do them. It’s your choice how you age.

Tips How to Put It Dip Powder Starter Kit

It can be frustrating since you have invested a lot on your attire and still you are not the best. For this particular scenario, you may pay attention to something which is overlooked by most of the ladies but an important piece of fashion.

Nails have always been the significant piece of style statement but always ignored in the race of gaining the importance. But its promising nature has made the inventors to find the multiple techniques which can end up providing awesome fashion statements. One of them is Dip Powder Starter Kit. At this moment, a good manicure is more complicated than just picking a color and applying as the top coat on your nails. The most advanced method like the dip powder normally requires a proper salon with the proficient and experienced manicurist.

Dip powder technique is one of the most putative methods for the individuals for some precise reasons. Those reasons are strong enough to make you fall in love with the technique.

Health: It may be surprising for you but yes, a makeup kit can be health friendly as well and this method has proven this. Dip powders will not only flourish your nails in the most effective way but it will bring the health consciousness along with the elegant looks.
Style: After the health, the main priority should be given to the style which is the main aspect of the makeups. This particular technique can add an extra feather to your crown because of the elegance it possesses.
Affordability: Some may disagree with the point but when you are getting a healthy alternative along with the elegance, then the price is just a number and it’s worth it.

The procedure doesn’t need the conventional UV light to get dried and is less toxic than the other gel polishes in the market. But the most enjoyable thing has not come yet. You don’t have to go to the parlors and salons to apply the technique. Rather it can be done sitting at your home by following some simple procedures.

How to Apply Dip Powder Starter Kit:

1. By rubbing with a nail file or drill, take out the least gloss from the nail.
2. Put on the BOND Covering formerly BASE Coat your nail.
3. Dip your entire nail into the clear powder.

4. You need to apply the BASE coat again but on the ¾ of the whole nail this time.
5. Once again dip your nail into the clear powder.
6. Put on the BASE coat again.
7. Dip your nails into the colored powders and then tap off the leftover powder. Apply the BASE coat once more on the entire nail.
8. Put the nails into the color powder.
9. Put on the BASE coat and dip the nails immediately into the clear powder.
10. Apply the SEAL Protect covering and let it dry for some time in the air.
11. Rub, form and fit nail to smooth surface of the nail.
12. Again put on the SEAL PROTECT covering.
13. Apply the TOP coat and let it dry.
14. At last put on the NOURISH OIL around the cuticles.

About Dark Under Eye Circles

Too many late night? Yes, that could be one reason why dark, deep circles mar your looks occasionally. More likely, your genes are showing. Dark circles often are a family legacy – the result of an inherited type of skin or pigmentation. They are a more common visitation on olive skins. (The fair-skinned are less susceptible because they don’t produce high levels of melanin, the skin pigment; and very dark skins, such as blacks’, are also unaffected since the darkness of their complexion makes pigment variations less noticeable).

This eye-marrer is often present from birth, and worsens with age as the shedding of surface skin cells decreases and cells absorb pigment from their neighbours – resulting in excess deposits of melanin.

But why does the pigment concentrate in the eye area, rather than elsewhere? That’s a question still open to discussion. What we do know is why the pigment is easier to see in this area. The crux of the problem is that the skin around the eyes is very thin with comparatively little fatty tissue or muscle tone. So, when blood passes through this delicate area, it shows through the skin as “dark circles”.

Certain things, including lifestyle factors, can make dark circles look darker. Thus, when you are pale and tired for whatever reason – as, for example, too many late nights or lack of sleep – the circles will seem darker in comparison.

Allergic reactions that show up in the eye rea may cause itching and irritation and the consequent rubbing make the area darker.

Exposure to the sun will temporarily further darkens under-eye circles, since the sun stimulates the body to produce melanin as part of its burn defense mechanism.

What can you do about dark circles? There are cosmetic options, and there are surgical options. First, the camouflage possibilities:

1. Hide away! The prime cosmetic recommendation is an under-eye concealer. Choose one that’s just a shade or two lighter than your natural skin tone. Dot the dark area with concealer and blend it just under the lower lid.

But don’t overdo. Too much make-up accentuates any wrinkles or puffiness you may have and gives you odd, pale patches under your eyes.

2. Out of Sight! Wearing glasses with tinted lenses is another way to make circles less noticeable.

3. Cover Up! Outdoors, prevent further darkening of the circles by wearing sunglasses with UV-protection lenses. They shield the area from the ultra-violet rays of the sun, thus preventing further melanin production.

4. Strategy with style! A ledge of heavy bangs can cast an additional shadow on dark circles. But pulling hair off the face can also cause trouble, actually setting up too much of a contrast and making circles appear even more pronounced. You’re better off either switching to a side part or, if that doesn’t suit your face, wearing bangs that fall at or above your eyebrows, or wearing wispier ones.

For those prone to chronic dark circles, there are longer-term solutions:

# Skin bleaching. Those in their 20s, whose circles are budding but not yet extreme, may have preventive success from a skin-bleaching process, done by a dermatologist. The most effective of these involves a bleaching cream combined with a Retin-A cream to lighten skin by a superficial peel.

Initially it is applied every night for six months. The regimen is then decreased to every other night for another six months and, finally, continued twice a week indefinitely, depending on need. But it must be done under the supervision of a competent dermatologist.

# Chemical peeling – the best pigment remover – is a fairly simple and almost painless procedure, performed by dermatologists and cosmetologists. A safe solution of trichloroacetic acid applied to the under-eye area “burns off” the top layers of skin containing the darker pigment.

After a few days, a scab forms on the treated tissue, beneath which the skin is rejuvenating. Within six to ten days the scab falls off, revealing new – albeit red – skin. It can take from six weeks to four months for every trace of the redness to disappear. But after the scab is gone, make-up can be applied to camouflage the colour. Once the area is healed, the new lighter skin (also minus fine under-eye lines) will be a much closer colour match to the rest of the face.

Choosing the appropriate procedure to correct dark circles carries an added incentive: In the vast majority of cases, once is all it takes.

I believe “The opposite of great truth is also true.”

Day and Night, Work and Rest, Art and Science… they all looks opposite but my viewpoint is they compliment each other.

The more you relax, the more you active. Life is a balance between what we can and what we cannot. Learn to live between effort and surrender.

Some Ways To Keep Yourself Looking Young

Keeping that youthful glow is not so hard to pursue, you just need to be determined. Make the mirror as your best companion on your way reaching to your goal. It is good to see yourself in the mirror once in a while to watch your transformation. So, boost that self-confidence and follow these simple tips to keep yourself looking young.

Start losing weight.

The better way to look and feel good is to lose weight. If you are overweight,you do not have to lose weight in an instant. Put on your last list taking synthetic slimming pills otherwise you will end up sick and frustrated. And forget going to a liposuction clinic since you have options. You may try taking a walk every morning to begin your journey towards becoming skinny. Walking around the neighborhood can take out the stress. You can stretch out that facial muscles while saying hi to friends and release your happy hormone along the way.

You may also join a zumba class. There are many groups who offer zumba activities nowadays. Joining this kind of activity is good for your health. It is fun and never boring. You can make a lot of friends too while dancing. It is a good way to lose the excess fat when you are happy doing it. Aerobics, ballroom dancing or any kind of dance exercise has the same calories burn as jogging.

Maintain natural youthful-glowing skin.

Never forget to apply moisturizer after washing your face. You need to hydrate your whole body too. Moisturizers like petroleum jelly and baby lotion are not that expensive and it really add softness to your skin thus make you look younger.

Natural toner like the apple cider vinegar is good for your skin too because it provides pH balance to your skin. Regular use of this will eliminate dark spots and other skin discoloration. Apple cider vinegar can also reduce pores leaving your skin healthy and young-looking.

Protect your skin with sunscreen or sunblock. Even if you are not exposed directly to the sun’s rays you need to use sunscreen because as your skin detect heat it create melanin production causing age spots and discolorations. Fair and clear skin add glow to your aura making you look younger.

These tips can be very effective if you will add to your beauty routines taking natural food supplements. Buah Merah mix is a best choice to provide your health the natural nutritions you need. It can make you look and feel younger because it is a ready to drink juice with a combination of barley, mangosteen, guyabano, wheat grass, malunggay and Buah Merah.

French Manicure Kit at Home

When you are bullied for your odd style statements and below the mark grooming, it’s really disheartening. So, what is the way to get rid of all these terrifying occurrences? French Manicure can give you the enough freedom to grab all the attention towards you. When all the eyes would be on you, you can feel special.

If you are a busy person and don’t have enough time to apply different techniques for different occasions, then the French manicure kit will be the best assistance for you. This particular technique can be availed for your any needs. Be it, a party, a professional place, a funeral or the daily life you pass, a simple touch of the elegance can completely turn the table. Any individual from any profession can apply this method and surprisingly it suits perfect for you every time when you sport it. It doesn’t matter if you are a doctor, school teacher, corporate woman, party maniac or a house wife, the technique can take you all the way to the satisfaction with the best looks and behavior.

You can get the color according to your taste and preference on your nails along with the fully white tip on the top. The sober color will add an extra value to your persona. This method was considered to be invented in Paris, France. Ladies from every age in Paris have liked the technique and soon this has become the trend and instantly gone viral all over the world. Till the date, it is the foremost choice of the ladies when the nail art is the concern.

The French manicure kit can avail you all the benefits sitting at your home without spending the money behind the beauticians. There are a few steps which can give you the elegant looks and you don’t even have to go to the parlors for applying the technique.


You should start with giving your nails a good trimming. The even trim can make your nails good and it would be easier to apply the technique with an even trim. But if you are thinking about a shorter trim, then you are doing mistake as the longer trim is preferable.


The shape of your nails is one of the most important aspects of acquiring the best result. You can give your nails a round or square shape.

Soak Before Pushing the Cuticles:

Soaking your hands in hand-hot water is your next step to push the cuticles with the cuticles pusher.

Cuticle Oil:

After you have pushed your cuticles enough, you can put the cuticle oil on your nails.


Apply the first layer of your preferred color on your nails and wait until that gets dried. Following that, you can apply the second coat and let it dry.

Color the tips:

Get the white paint and nail guide and apply it on the top of your nails. Gently brush the color on your nail tips and wait for a couple of minutes. After that apply the second coat and let it dry.

Last Step:

Take off the nail guide and polish your nails for the final time.

Tips Right Way to Wear Foundation

The line of foundations that you see on shelves these days are far better than those your mom was using in her early years. The one’s available today are more lightweight and perform multiple skin care jobs. For example, many of these foundations also act as a moisturizer and sun-protection formula for your skin. However, if you wear your foundation wrong, there is definitely no hiding for it!

But we have got you some great tips to apply your foundation right like a pro and make your skin look flawless. Let’s check out them.

    • Identify the ideal shade for your skin tone: Although you may have one of the best foundation products, you will never wear it right if the shade doesn’t match your skin tone. A wrong selection of color can make your face look cakey. To avoid this mistake, make sure you try different shades/colors of foundation on your jawline or hand in the day light before you buy one. Take help of a makeup expert if needed to help you select the perfect color for your skin complexion.
    • Prep up your skin: First, cleanse your skin and then apply some moisturizer all over the face and neck before you apply foundation. You can apply primer if you want to carry your makeup till late night. Primer can effectively cover up open pores and give your face a smooth matte finish. Anti-aging face primer by Amazing Cosmetics prepares a perfect base for foundation so your makeup will remain intact for all day long. Let your skin absorb the moisturizer for about 5 minutes before you apply foundation.
    • Wear it right: Don’t use your fingers. Practice using a brush to apply foundation evenly on your skin. 8 Pieces Makeup Brush Set by BESTOPE is a perfect choice to apply foundation smoothly in circular motions all over the face and neck area. This technique will ensure less use of a product and flawless coverage. You can also use a sponge instead of a brush. Start from the inner area and then move your hand in an outer direction in circular motion. Make sure you apply a thin layer of foundation on ears and over the eyelids as well as lips. And follow one rule, less is more!
    • Don’t skip on Concealer: Never use Concealer before applying the foundation. Instead, apply a lighter shade of Concealer after wearing foundation for the celebrity-like finish. Concealing and contouring will highlight the desired area of your face in an impressive way. Apply Concealer on the bridge of your nose, cheeks, forehead and chin. And don’t forget to conceal the area under the eyes. Blend it gently using a sponge. Anastasia Beverly Hills Concealer leverages its amazing hydrating cream formula to give your skin smooth, even and flawless finish.
  • Bake your face: If you want to save your makeup from creasing, don’t forget to bake your face. Use a fan brush to dab some blush on your cheekbones. Use a highlighter or a translucent powder above cheekbones, under the eyes, on tip of the nose and other areas you have applied Concealer a minute ago. Leave it for 5-10 minutes and the natural body temperature of your body will finish baking automatically.

Summer Essentials and Tips For You

Skin Care:

The heat in the summers will be more and it shows its impact on our skin. To beat the heats of the summers, you need to follow few steps. A good CTM (Cleanser, Toner, Moisturizer) routine is very much important in any season for the perfect skin.

Cleanser: Always use a mild cleanser. Never use the same products in both the winter and summer. The cleanser should be very mild and gentle. And also buy the one which is suitable for your skin type.

Toner: Use a good toner which will reduce the size of the pores and helps your makeup to stay in place. Or just take a couple of ice cubes in a clean cloth and gently rub all over your face. This also does the job of the toner.

Moisturizer: Make sure your moisturizer is very light. Otherwise, it will make your skin very oily. Stay away from the one which you used in winter.

Sunscreen: This is very much important in summers. Even though we use sunscreen in winter, it is very important to use sunscreen with high SPF for the summers. For Indian summers, sunscreens with SPF 50 are the best. Never ever avoid this step from your skin care routine.

Lip Balm: Always carry a lip balm with you. The heats will make your lips dry very quickly. So try to reapply the lip balm whenever needed. Buy a lip balm with SPF to protect your lips.

Makeup Products: Make sure you are applying everything waterproof for the summers. As the heat will be high, we sweat a lot. This will fade away our makeup. To avoid this, always use waterproof products, even for your eye makeup also.


Not only skin care but also clothing needs special care in summers. We cannot wear the winter clothes in summers, especially hoodies, sweatshirts and sweaters. Make sure of the fabric you are wearing. The fabric must absorb the sweat produced by our body. Otherwise, it will lead to skin problems. Cotton is the best fabric for summer. Whether you want to be traditional or modern, cotton is the best option. Let’s see some of the trends which we can totally rock in summers:

All Whites: White gives you an angelic feel and also all whites are in summer trends for many years now.

Off/Cold Shoulder: This is quite in trend these days and this continues even in summers also. The tops/dresses with the cold shoulder pattern will bring out the chic in you.

Florals: Girls and flowers are like synonyms. So floral designs will never go out of fashion.

Handlooms: Fashion lovers are raving about handlooms these days and this will be a better option to add bright colors to your summer outfits.

Keeping fashion and trends aside, comfort is very much important in summers. Otherwise, you will suffocate even in normal outfits.

A few Points to remember in the summers:

  1. Always wear light makeup
  2. Make sure you are wearing right size innerwear in cotton fabric.
  3. Try to avoid wearing uncomfortable footwear.
  4. Opt for minimal jewelry.
  5. Keep a spray bottle with rose water in your bag and spray it on your face whenever your skin feels a burning or hot. This will helps you in cooling down and also makes you feel fresh.
  6. While going out, always use a cap or a scarf to cover your head. Using tie-dye stole which are in trend will add color to your outfit.
  7. To protect your eyes from the heat, always wear goggles.
  8. Last but very important, drink plenty of water to keep yourself hydrated.

Information Meladerm Cream

The skin care market is filled with all sorts of products some of which are not safe for use. For first time users of Meladerm cream, some may feel unsure whether it is a good choice or not. Determining all this boils down to the components that are used to make the product. After research, experts found out that skin lighteners derived from natural extracts are a much safer option than those made from synthetic chemicals.

Unhealthy skin lighteners such as those made from hydroquinone can pose serious health risks to individuals and that is why some countries have decided to ban them. Meladerm cream, however, is an exception. It is made of natural derivatives of mulberry and bearberry, which for centuries have been used in traditionally in treating skin disorders. Other active components in this product include glycolic acid and niacinamide, which are actually good skin moisturizers. Buying Meladerm skin lightener is, therefore, healthy for you.

The solution will take good care of your skin and deliver great results within a few days of application. It takes at least about a month for actual results to begin to show, a clear sign that this is a product worth trying. The solution is available only through the internet.

What you benefit from using Meladerm cream

There are so many Skin Lightening products in the market today promising excellent results only to end up disappointing. If you have been a victim of these products, worry no more because you’re yet to try Meladerm cream. This is a skin lightening cream designed for all skin types and manufactured using natural ingredients only. Some of these ingredients include extracts from Mulberry and Blueberry plants as well as Licorice. The cream reduces dark spots and hyper pigmentation giving you an even complexion.

Improve the overall appearance of your skin using Meladerm cream because it is manufactured using state-of-the-art technologies and the latest research techniques. Skin experts behind its manufacture carry out extensive research on every ingredient used in its production to make sure the product is safe. Usage of the cream within a period of two weeks gives pleasing results while a continued used over a long period restores the skin completely. It is the right choice for a perfect skin tone and texture.


Meladerm is a miracle product. The fact that it is more than just a Skin Lightening Cream makes it one of the most powerful solutions the skincare market has today.

Meladerm was manufactured to solve the frustration most people go through because of counterfeit products.

Why buy Meladerm online

It is obvious that a number one worry when it comes to choosing a Skin Lightening Cream is the one to buy. Most people are looking for what is safe and substituting it for what they have been made to believe work yet do not. If you are like most people, then you will want to try Meladerm Cream.

Meladerm is increasingly becoming the most popular skin lightening cream. This is because other chemical products claimed to be safe have proved dangerous, as most of them are associated with cancer. While many local stores have ventured into selling this product, many people prefer buying online for various reasons that may be right for you as well.

To begin with, fake products are finding their way into the market and so if you are not sure whether your local stores get theirs from the original manufacturer, it is much safer to get your cream from recommended online websites. Secondly, some online stores offer discounts on Meladerm depending on the amount you spend.

This can be a great way to save money if you are buying for large scale use. No matter where you purchase them, however, original Meladerm skin lightening cream is made with the same high-quality standards hence guaranteed value for money.

Now Establishing Yourself in With Nail Design

If you enjoy being creative, working with people, and taking part in making lovely hands come alive, you may want to take a nail tech course. As you learn the ins and outs of the business, it is simple to start making money. You will be able to establish yourself as a great provider of such services. You will get repeat customers who love what you do and come in for regular work.

You will also be able to generate new customers who happen to come in and ask for some type of manicure or nail art to be completed. Your customers will get plenty of compliments on the work and share with others who did it for them. It all starts with finding a good fit as not every nail tech course is the same.

Meets Standards

In order to become certified, you need to complete a nail tech course that meets the industry standards. As you shop around for a great program, you need to ask about that. Don’t waste your time or money on something that isn’t going to get your foot in the door to work at a salon. They are going to ask for your credentials so make sure what you have to offer will be accepted.


The beginning of any nail tech course should cover the sanitation and cleanliness aspects of the job. It is important to maintain a clean work environment and for all of your tools to be kept clean. There are standard procedures you must follow or you will be putting your customers at risk.

Chemical Handling and Processing

You will come into contact with various types of chemicals. Knowing how to handle them, how to mix, them and how to apply them for your customer needs is all very important. Such information will be a very important part of any quality nail tech course. Failure to follow the right procedures can cause problems for you or your customers.

Gaining Customers

You will practice a variety of hands on creations and techniques during the nail tech course. It is a good idea to take pictures of them so you share with potential clients when you have to offer. They may be nervous if you are new to the salon and they aren’t used to working with you. Show them photos of work you have done and it can help you to gain new customers.

You can also offer specials and discounts in your first few months on the job. People love to save money and it is a good way to entice them to give you a chance. If you do a wonderful job, they will come back to you again and again. They will also encourage other people they know to come to you.

Designs and Art

Depending on where you work, you may have access to plenty of designs and artwork you can use for the nails. In other salons, you must have your own materials and equipment. The start-up cost can be high so you may find it is best to identify a location where you can use their items. Later on, you can consider buying your own items and even starting your own salon.

Build up your reputation first so you can be confident you will have plenty of money coming in. If you often have empty slots on your calendar, you aren’t there yet! You should be operating your nail services with all of your slots booked up weeks in advance. If you do outstanding work, it won’t take long for you to reach that point.

About Acrylic Nail Monomer

Self-grooming is something which can make you look elegant without even wearing those additional weights on your body. So, what can groom you the best? It is certain that the outer part of your body will reflect your whole persona and it will define what you are as what you see, you buy.

Then the crisis arouses and you look here and there how to get rid of the problem. Putting a heavy makeup sometimes becomes the choice of some individual but that doesn’t end up being fruitful when you call the day off. Since in this particular time the trend doesn’t give thumbs up for the unusual and unnecessary heavy makeup, you don’t need to put the chemicals on your face or anywhere else. Rather having a simpler one will make more sense. When it comes to the grooming, nails are not behind. At the instance, they are getting immense importance as one of the most significant sources of your flaunting.

Those days have gone when only a nail polish was the only equipment to glorify the best piece of your figure. Nowadays, ample of techniques have arrived by which you can avail the nails with a beautiful touch. From those, acrylic nail monomer is one of the most popular tricks, women are eager to be availed with. The question may arouse now, what actually this technique is.

Monomer: Having shorter nails wasn’t the matter of anxiety for the ladies from the day the acrylic monomer has stepped the foot in the industry. The solution of acrylic powder (polymer) is called the monomer and the liquid is likely put on the nails and after drying in shadow under the UV light the liquid form a solid, sturdy and long nail. The best part in the technique is one can hardly locate it is the artificial nails shining on your hands. Thus, your sophistication talks on behalf of you.

It is quite certain that there are some other techniques as well which will promise to give you the similar facility but why people are driving towards the acrylic? The answer is simple. There is a fine line between similar and same. There are some reasons and benefits which no other service can offer but acrylic.

Natural: The most important feature an artificial thing should acquire that it should not look like an artificial one. Whether in nailing point of view, the technique produces a thin layer which actually looks like the real nail.

Budget Friendly: The best thing with acrylic nail monomer is the budget. The technique is quite affordable that you don’t need to spend any extra bucks for the beautiful piece of nail.

Long Lasting: From various advantages, the most beneficial thing is its stability. The stability gives you the better look and holds you to spend for maintaining it.