Authors Like Joe Vitale Explain the Importance of Alignment and Vibration in the Law of Attraction

Alignment and vibration are two concepts found in literature about the law of attraction. They can be difficult for people to comprehend, especially when those people are a bit skeptical of the entire intention manifestation paradigm. Authors and speakers like Dr. Joe Vitale provide plentiful information in their books, workshops and websites so anyone who is trying to be successful can do so without all the struggle.


Being in alignment with goals involves uncovering and eliminating limiting beliefs and conflicting desires, both of which disrupt the pursuit of those goals. People have hidden blocks to all sorts of dreams they want to manifest. They may have subconscious negative beliefs about romantic relationships or about their worthiness to be in a true partnership with another person. They may have continuous money problems because as a child, they kept hearing their parents talk about money as something that was always in scarce supply.


Vibration is related to alignment. In the law of attraction literature, people are seen as giving off vibrational energy that may or may not align with what they say they want in life. Lower-level vibrations connected with emotions like anger, fear and sadness can make it difficult to achieve goals that are intrinsically connected with higher-level vibrations. A happy marriage will be tough to manifest if the person mainly feels anxiety about not having a partner.


These aspects highlight a main reason why people try to bring their desires into reality using law of attraction techniques and then feel frustrated with their lack of success. They may decide that the law is baloney because they have spent considerable time visualizing, affirming and even creating vision boards that clearly demonstrate what they want. Meanwhile, that relationship is still elusive and the savings account is still only in three-figure numbers, far from the six figures the person desires.

Manifesting the Dreams

Once people bring themselves into alignment with their desires and raise their vibrations accordingly, they will find those dreams materializing with impressive speed. The missing key at last has been found. They are ready to start manifesting a truly rewarding and fulfilling life without limits.